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Pet adoption, that is our focus at Petdopt. We work with over 3000 pet adoption agencies and rescue groups in 4 different countries. At Petdopt, we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of displaced pets around the world by promoting their need for a home.

The pet adoption agencies that we work with can provide you with information about kitten adoption, puppy adoption, or even specific breed information about, for example, Yorkie adoption. These pet adoption experts can help you make the best decision for a pet and pet breed to adopt based on your lifestyle. Our powerful pet search engine answers the question ‘Is there any pet adoption near me?’ and provides you the information you need to contact the pet adoption group that is responsible for the rehoming of the pet. We are committed to helping adoptable pets find their forever family!

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Australian Shepherd

Northern California Family Dog Rescue

San Francisco, California

April, May, and June are 3 adorable, double merle puppies who were surrendered to Family Dog Rescue when they were found to be hearing and vision impaired. They are purebred Aussies and are 8 weeks old. We expect them to be 35-50 pounds fully grown. As with all puppies training and socialization are highly important. Some people may think training a special needs dog is more difficult, but reall...

Female Posted 07/02/2016

Remember, when you adopt a pet you are saving an animal and opening up shelter space for another animal that needs it.

Pet adoption shelters and rescue groups are filled with healthy pets waiting for someone to offer them a home. By adopting a pet you are making a difference!

Most Recent Pets For Adoption

Every single day, pet adoption agencies and rescue groups create pet classifieds to help their pets find a forever home. Here are just a few of the recent pet adoption postings. To view pets in a specific area, please use our pet search at the top of the page.

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